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Please fill in the form below. Once you submit the form, your details will be preliminarily stored in our member database. You will receive the details via e-mail, and we would like you to print the e-mail, sign it, and send it by post to the GGAP committee.

We can only consider your application once we have received your signed application.

Persönliche Angaben

Note: 16- or 17-year-old adolescents need to provide written consent of a parent in order to become a member.
You may enter a log-in name that you can use to sign into the system if you do not want to type your (possibly long) e-mail address.


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Indicating your donation preference does not legally bind you. It does help us planning our budget. Please note that your membership terminates if you do not donate at least once in 13 months.

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If you choose to donate by bank transfer, we need to be able to link your bank account to your name and address in order to be able to send you donation receipts. If you do not enter your bank account here, we are unable to associate your donations with your address.

Additional information (optional)

This NGO is run by volunteers entirely. Your skills and talents may be valuable for us. Please separate multiple skills with commas.

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