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Donate to fight poverty on the Philippines

It does not take much money to support an entire vocational training on the Philippines. Even small donations amount to a sustainable contribution.

At GGAP we have more than 15 years of experience. We believe that our approach to fight poverty is effective and sustainable.

As a charitable, not-for-profit organization, donations to GGAP are deductible in Germany.

Bank transfer

You may transfer your donation to our account at Pax Bank, Cologne:

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Creative donations

If your birthday wishlist looks dull, why not invite your friends and family to donate to GGAP?

Donation receipts

In Germany, you can use a simple form to deduct donations to a given recipient that do not surpass 200 Euros per year. You can download this form here: "Vereinfachter Zuwendungsnachweis." The tax authorities will likely want to see the receipt of your bank transfer too.

If you donate more than 200 Euro per year to a given organization, you need individual, detailed donation receipts. To be able to provide you with receipts, we need to know your address.


If you intend to donate on a regular basis, you may want to support our mission further by joining GGAP.


Share the word

We have a flyer that you may download, print, and hand out to people. Professionally printed flyers are also available upon request.